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An actual bank robbery in the 1970s is the background for this story of a working wife and mother caught up in a first rate mystery.

Cement Duck adds his own mystery as he serves as commentator and prophet.

Published earlier this year the novel, is receiving rave reviews in and beyond its setting in North Georgia.


The Cememt Duck may be purchased in a number of North Georgia bookstores as well as most online stores. It may also be ordered by clicking: Here


Alma's Latest Book



New historical fiction tells the story of single mother’s search to find happiness for her daughter

Alma Kennedy Bowen announces publication of ‘Celebrate!’

GAINESVILLE, Ga. – Inspired by the biggest sawmill East of the Mississippi River, built in Helen, Georgia, in the early 1900s, Alma Kennedy Bowen wrote “Celebrate!” (published by iUniverse) to explore life in the early 1900s, the importance of trees, voting and the importance of church. The novel tells the story of single mother’s search to find happiness for her special daughter.

“Many stories have been written about today’s Alpine Helen, but nothing has been written about life during the sawmill years or the sawmill’s operation,” Bowen says.

Bennie, a teenage mother, bravely decides to give up her familiar mountain home and move to the strange new town of Helen. She learns how the giant sawmill is operated and faces religious bigotry concerning her child. Bennie is beginning to like what Helen offers when her cousin is brutally murdered. She is adjusting to this last major change in her life when she learns that her childhood friend is in jail

Later Bennie’s daughter, Katherine, moves to Atlanta during the Great Depression. She searches for a way she can restore the mountains and lessen her mother’s sadness, but a single woman can’t do anything. Franklin Delano Roosevelt offers hope for the mountains, but it’s a wild idea.


By Alma Kennedy Bowen

Softcover | 6 x 9 in | 236 pages | ISBN 9781532020193

E-Book | 236 pages | ISBN 9781532020186

Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble


Recently retired as executive editor of the daily newspape, The Times of Gainesville, Georgia, Alma Kennedy Bowen is now focusing on her career as novelist and historian. Combining talent and a love for writing and history with her deep affection for the people of North Georgia she has brought forth a first novel, The Cement Duck.

adGrowing up in the Appalachian foothills of Clarkesville in North Georgia, Alma describes herself as. "born to write." However, she didn't recognize this until she was 30 years old. Alma recounts the circumstances; "I went to The Times to interview for a bookkeeping job and Editor Johnny Vardeman asked me to write something. Although I was surprised, I interviewed my aunt that weekend, wrote a story about twenty times and gave it to Johnny on Monday. He asked me to come back later in the week for several hours of tests by the Saddler Company out of Chicago. "That's how I became Women's editor for The Times and discovered my love of writing."

She has been writing since.

Alma, shown here with her husband, who answered to both Clyde and Randy, balances and mingles life with a family which includes three children and four granddaughters, and a multifaceted career. In 2009 Alma lost Randy to a 10-year illness. Alma continues to miss him, as she continues with a number of activties including the work on her second historical novel.

It was several years ago that Alma's attention was directed to the events which serve as background for this first novel, The Cement Duck. Applying her capacity to experience situations with emotional depth and, with respect, through the eyes of others, she began to imagine the motivations and reactions animating those affected by the event. Her fictional characters began to form and complexities of plot and actors germinated for some years. Retirement provided a few blocks of uncommitted time and, consulting her characters, she put The Cement Duck to paper.

The result is delightful. A style polished through many years of professional writing holds the reader to few pauses before the ending. The characters are real and substantial people reflecting Alma's great understanding and insight into the workings of human nature.

A professional and citizen in the finest sense, Alma Bowen has always demonstrated a deep commitment to service for the community, local and global. She has held many leadership roles in the arts, education and civic organizations and groups and is a beloved citizen of the North Georgia communities.

For more details, please read more here.

There is good news, especially for those who enjoy her first novel. Alma’s working on a book set in the Georgia mountain town of Helen when it was the home of a huge sawmill, the biggest sawmill east of the Mississippi. She has found information about this period, beginning about 1912, but she wants to talk to anyone who has information about the little town at this time. You can reach her by e-mail at this link. Using stories she has heard about old mountain culture, the new book is bound to be as compelling as The Cement Duck.

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W. Lorraine Watkins,  November 2009

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